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Spinal surgery 28/12/09

Guillain-Barre syndrome 21/12/09

Legal rights of people with intellectual disabilities and research into Prader Willi syndrome 14/12/09

Genetic research at the Pasteur Institute 14/12/09

Genetic research into inherited defects in sexual maturation and diabetes 07/12/09

A look at the low-carbohydrate diet 07/12/09

Repeat brain surgery 30/11/09

New test for aggressive cancers 30/11/09

Hearing disability 30/11/09

Bladder problems 23/11/09

Health care reform 16/11/09

Caesarean sections - part two 09/11/09

Caesarean sections - part one of a two part feature 02/11/09

New ways of treating cancer 26/10/09

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 26/10/09

Cancer and the use of complementary and alternative medicine 26/10/09

Treatment of macular degeneration 19/10/09

The effect of weight-lifting in the treatment of breast-cancer-related lymphoedema 19/10/09

Complementary and integrative medicine 19/10/09

Rise in caesarean sections 12/10/09

Global patterns in mortality in young people 12/10/09

The effect of weight gain in the first 3 months of life 12/10/09

Pain in the knees 05/10/09

Obesity research 05/10/09

The fight against antibiotic resistance 05/10/09

Exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation from medical imaging 05/10/09

Mysterious viruses 28/09/09

Repairing damaged spinal cords 21/09/09

The health of Australian Vietnam veterans 21/09/09

Brain research 21/09/09

Antidepressants and suicidal behaviour 21/09/09

Treatment of opioid dependence 14/09/09

Physical exercise and cancer 14/09/09

Link between a common sexual infection and the risk of aggressive prostate cancer 14/09/09

Iranian women's drug treatment project 14/09/09

Violence against health professionals in rural Australia 07/09/09

The effect of alcohol on hormones 07/09/09

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 07/09/09

Younger onset dementia 31/08/09

Portugal's drug laws 24/08/09

Research into addiction 17/08/09

Treatment for osteoporotic vertebral fractures 10/08/09

Labelling of medications dispensed by pharmacists 10/08/09

Proposed changes to death certificates 03/08/09

The origins of HIV 03/08/09

HIV transmission between mother and baby 03/08/09

The Heimlich manoeuvre 27/07/09

Bone density monitoringblood pressure monitoring 20/07/09

Aneurysm repair 20/07/09

New Australian psychiatry research 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing 13/07/09

Alzheimer's disease and dementia 06/07/09

Pancreatic cancer 29/06/09

Brain cancer 29/06/09

Treatment of a pre-cancerous condition of the oesophagus 22/06/09

Multiple sclerosis research 22/06/09

Excessive menstrual bleeding 22/06/09

Stretching trial results 15/06/09

Prevention of depression in at-risk adolescents 15/06/09

Low back pain studies 15/06/09

Breast cancer 08/06/09

Surgical treatment for high blood pressure 01/06/12

Patient-doctor communication about prescription drugs 01/06/09

Drug company sponsorships 01/06/09

Religious doctors 25/05/09

The reliability of laboratory test results 25/05/12

Mental health 18/05/09

Cardiac procedures 11/05/09

Lifestyle changes and life expectancy 04/05/09

Genes associated with autism 04/05/09

Brown fat in adults 04/05/09

Flu research 27/04/09

Spinal surgery 20/04/09

Stroke treatment being blocked 13/04/09

Evidence-based medicine 06/04/09

Sleep and the heart 30/03/09

The latest on genetic research and diabetes 30/03/09

Atherosclerotic disease 30/03/09

Prostate cancer screening 23/03/09

Post-traumatic stress disorder and the military 23/03/09

Genetic research 16/03/09

Guillain-Barre syndrome 09/03/09

Malaria and climate changeFighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world 02/03/09

Moderate alcohol use and cancer risks in women 02/03/09

Drug dependence - part two 23/02/09

Drug dependence - part one 16/02/09

Stroke treatment being blocked 09/02/09

Urinary incontinence in overweight and obese women 02/02/09

'Lifestyle medicine' 02/02/09

Financial incentives for weight loss 02/02/09

Childhood anxiety 02/02/09

Appetite control 26/01/09

The knee files - part two 19/01/09

The knee files - part one 12/01/09

Reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy 05/01/09