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ABC health reports
Drug trials undertaken in India and the reporting of medical trials 27/12/10

Mental health research from Southern India 20/12/10

Swimming and older women 13/12/10

Hydrogen sulphide gas in the treatment of heart failure 13/12/10

Homeopathic A&E-You Tube clip 13/12/10

Best healthcare outcomes 13/12/10

Not just a day of ecstasy 06/12/10

Indigenous cancer rates 06/12/10

Corticosteroid injections for tendon injuries 06/12/10

Weight control diets-protein content and glycaemic index 29/11/10

Obituary for Professor Frank Fenner 29/11/10

Lowering cholesterol - how low is safe 29/11/10

The effect of cannabis and ketamine 22/11/10

Alcohol consumption in Australia 22/11/10

The adolescent brain nature, nurture or both 22/11/10

Sexual function after some prostate cancer treatments 15/11/10

Patient safety during surgery-particularly paediatriac cardiac surgery 15/11/10

Amazing liver surgery 15/11/10

Underactive thyroid and associated risk for heart disease 08/11/10

Reducing death in childbirth 08/11/10

Nurse home visiting program 08/11/10

Treatment for slipped discs in the neck 01/11/10

Pharmaceutical promotion 01/11/10

Customer surveying by pharmaceutical companies 01/11/10

Possible new treatment for heart and liver disease 25/10/10

Free radicals and your heart 25/10/10

Do low blood sugars cause heart attacks 25/10/10

Better treatments for stroke 25/10/10

Tropical diseases 18/10/10

Effectiveness of mammography for women aged 40 to 49 18/10/10

Eye diseases 11/10/10

Artificial knee gone wrong 04/10/10

Dietary treatment for acne 04/10/10

Brain research 27/09/10

Glucosamine and chondroitin 27/09/10

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) 20/09/10

Hidden pregnancies 20/09/10

Sibutramine and heart disease 13/09/10

Homocysteine and brain atrophy 13/09/10

Bifocal glasses and falls in the elderly 13/09/10

Influenza epidemics 06/09/10

High blood pressure in the lungs 06/09/10

Diet and prostate cancer 06/09/10

Patient safety 30/08/10

Hip replacement device withdrawn 30/08/10

Prostate cancer-latest research 23/08/10

Federal election 2010 - health policies 16/08/10

E-health 09/08/10

Calcium supplements follow-up to last week's report 09/08/10

Dilated cardiomyopathy 02/08/10

Calcium supplements 02/08/10

Surgery for gynaecological cancer 26/07/10

Hope optimism and survival from colorectal cancer 26/07/10

Bowel cancer screening 26/07/10

The hygiene of hand drying 19/07/10

HeaD-ON Headaches and Depression - Overcome Now 19/07/10

Global health 19/07/10

18th International AIDS Conference 19/07/10

Testosterone deficiency and replacement in older men 12/07/10

New findings in Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia 12/07/10

Research into ageing 05/07/10

Famine and civil rights in India 28/06/10

Research into addiction 21/06/10

Caesarean sections Part two 14/06/10

Caesarean sections part one of a two part feature 07/06/10

Taste 31/05/10

The aspirin controversy 31/05/10

Diabetes research 24/05/10

Drug induced cardiac arrhythmias 17/05/10

Depression as a risk factor for heart disease 17/05/10

CT scan of the heart to detect calcium scores 17/05/10

The relationship between volume and outcome in surgical procedures 10/05/10

Cancer care 10/05/10

Organ donations 03/05/10

Lack of medical ethics - from the 19th century to Nazi Germany 26/04/10

Test for prostate cancer 19/04/10

Genetic patents 19/04/10

Changes in over the counter purchase of codeine in Australia 19/04/10

Treatment of lung cancer and a tumour that occurs during pregnancy 12/04/10

Virus linked to prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome 12/04/10

Huntington's Disease - part 2 05/04/10

Huntington's disease - Part one of a two-part feature 29/03/10

Brain injury research and trauma 22/03/10

Sleep research - the power nap and creative thinking 15/03/10

Mixed-handedness and ADHD in children 15/03/10

The effect of parenting on psychological wellbeing 15/03/10

School feeding programs in Sub-Saharan Africa 08/03/10

Childhood obesity 08/03/10

Ovarian cancer research 01/03/10

Breast cancer amd chemicals 01/03/10

Mysterious viruses 22/02/10

Evidence-based medicine 15/02/10

Drug trials undertaken in India and the reporting of medical trials 08/02/10

Mental health research from Southern India 01/02/10

Famine and civil rights in India 25/01/10

The Heimlich manoeuvre 18/01/10

Younger onset dementia 11/01/10

Alzheimer's disease and dementia 04/01/10