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Yawning gulf napping feature 26/12/11

Mystery illness - ovarian teratoma associated encephalitis 19/12/11

The effect of hip and knee replacement surgery on overweight patients and stiff knees after replacement surgery 12/12/11

Stem cell technology 12/12/11

New discovery of adult stem cells 12/12/11

New scanning technology for detecting atherosclerotic plaques 12/12/11

Preterm births 05/12/11

Ganfyd - the sick saga of sickness certificates 05/12/11

Knee reconstruction surgery 05/12/11

The effect of increased doses of saw palmetto fruit extract on lower urinary tract symptoms 28/11/11

ADHD drugs and the risk of cardiovascular problems in children and young adults 28/11/11

Health coaching 28/11/11

The Western Desert Dialysis Project 28/11/11

Social media and health 14/11/11

Famous people's diseases 14/11/11

Neurologic recovery after prolonged cardiac arrest outside of a hospital situation 07/11/11

Polio eradication 07/11/11

Congestive heart failure 07/11/11

Health care costs in Australia 07/11/11

Exercise and bones 31/10/11

Aspirin halves cancer rates in people with hereditary risk 31/10/11

The effect of weight loss on hormones 31/10/11

Bipolar disorder diagnosis 24/10/11

Bipolar disorder treatment and therapies 24/10/11

Electroconvulsive therapy - ECT 24/10/11

Treatment of neonatal sepsis 17/10/11

Insulin levels and breast cancer survival 17/10/11

New development in brachytherapy for prostate cancer 17/10/11

The effect of prostate cancer screening on mortality 17/10/11

Deep brain stimulation surgery 10/10/11

Yawning gulf napping feature 03/10/11

We are what we eat-how our diet affects the microbes in our bowels 26/09/11

Important new liver research 26/09/11

Health science innovation in the 21st century 26/09/11

Stillbirth autopsy 19/09/11

Australia's position at the UN meeting on non-communicable diseases 19/09/11

Celebrating a scientific breakthrough 19/09/11

Thyroid status and frailty in older men 12/09/11

Testosterone levels in older men 12/09/11

Response to last week's interview about the prescription of painkillers 12/09/11

Call for newborn screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia and the impact of head injuries on hormones 12/09/11

Weight loss and appetite control 05/09/11

Prescription of very strong painkillers 05/09/11

Obesity research-policies and calculating weight loss 05/09/11

The effect of gender-based violence on women and their mental health 29/08/11

Family history of cancer 29/08/11

AIDS vaccine research 29/08/11

The effect of sunscreen use on melanomas 29/08/11

How acceptable is fish oil 22/08/11

Chinese traditional therapy in the treatment of influenza 22/08/11

Calorie content in restaurant food 22/08/11

Zinc lozenges and the duration of colds 22/08/11

IVF predictor and long term health issues a pregnancy can have on mothers and their children 15/08/11

Asprin use for IVF 15/08/11

IVF 'vanishing twin' linked with birth defects 15/08/11

Renal stenting 08/08/11

Organ survival for transplantation 08/08/11

Biomarkers of ageing for donor organs 08/08/11

Anaemia treatment for patients on dialysis 08/08/11

Pelvic-floor exercises after prostate surgery 01/08/11

Chronic pruritis an itching sensation 01/08/11

Melanoma that has spread to the liver 01/08/11

Vascular dementia 25/07/11

Dysphagia and cough 25/07/11

Anti-depressants for Alzheimer's patients 25/07/11

Screening for ovarian cancer 18/07/11

Ovarian cancer genome 18/07/11

Ovarian cancer education campaigns 18/07/11

Hearing loss in children 11/07/11

Common painkillers (NSAIDs) are linked to irregular heart rhythm 11/07/11

Australian health care research 11/07/11

A menu for weight loss 11/07/11

Urine test for heart disease 04/07/11

Lung cancer screening with CT 04/07/11

Caardiac rehabilitation 04/07/11

A new type of immune cell 27/06/11

Canine dementia (incl. video) 27/06/11

Paul Davies and highly evolved cancer 20/06/11

Neuroendocrine tumours 20/06/11

Adoptive T cell therapy in the treatment of advanced stage melanoma 20/06/11

The mystery of Morgellons 13/06/11

Hookworm infestation and coeliac disease 13/06/11

Mystery illness - ovarian teratoma associated encephalitis 06/06/11

Food allergy 30/05/11

Food advertising directed at children 30/05/11

The use of NSAIDs and the risk for people with heart disease 23/05/11

The need for new ways to define disease 23/05/11

Follow-up to last week's report about complementary medicines 23/05/11

Vascular surgery for narrowing in the carotid artery 16/05/11

Regulation of complementary medicines 16/05/11

Comparison of medications for neovascular age-related macular degeneration 16/05/11

Gastric reflux medication and bowel disease research 09/05/11

Barrett's oesophagus 09/05/11

Cancer trials 09/05/11

Osteoarthritis a genetic condition 02/05/11

Cancer medication 02/05/11

Pancreatic cancer-genes relevant for sugery outcomeprocess of the disease 02/05/11

What makes an elite athlete 25/04/11

Antibiotic resistance 25/04/11

Changes to the Pharmaceutical_Benefits Scheme (PBS) 18/04/11

Comparison of treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome-the PACE trial 18/04/11

Social inequalities in health 11/04/11

Removing earwax 11/04/11

Hunger in developed nations 11/04/11

Weight lifting and women at risk for breast cancer-related lymphoedema 04/04/11

Vitamin D deficiency linked to diabetes in pregnancy 04/04/11

Stress mistakenly blamed for breast cancer 04/04/11

Budget cuts looming for medical research in Australia 04/04/11

The bleeding heart 28/03/11

Stents in the treatment of people with heart disease 28/03/11

Risk statistics in health care 28/03/11

Risk of heart failure 28/03/11

Is there a doctor on the plane 28/03/11

The wisdom of crowds and health research 21/03/11

CCSVI and multiple sclerosis 21/03/11

Better Access Report 21/03/11

Men's health Interesting new research into prostate disease and prostate cancer 14/03/11

Oral cancer related to oral sex 07/03/11

Internet dating 07/03/11

Dermal fillers for lines and wrinkles 07/03/11

US anthrax scare ten years on Did the FBI get it right 28/02/11

Uterine fibroids 28/02/11

One Health to rule them all 21/02/11

The search for ancient infections 14/02/11

Tutankhamen's mummy Unwrapping the secrets of the past 07/02/11

Drug safety and globalisation 07/02/11

Not Your Ordinary Doctor 31/01/11

Dr Binayak Sen imprisoned for life 31/01/11

Collaborative care for chronic illness 31/01/11

Blood group and the risk of heart attack 31/01/11

Is adding folate to flour worth it 24/01/11

Survival in cancer patients improving the accuracy of our estimates 24/01/11

Treating middle ear infections 24/01/11

Trimming the fat from the menu labelling debate 24/01/11

Huntington's Disease - part 2 17/01/11

Huntington's disease part one of a two-part feature 10/01/11

Lack of medical ethics - from the 19th century to Nazi Germany 03/01/11