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The Global Body part two Developing world city - Manila 31/12/12

The Global Body part one Rural developing world - Sri Lanka 24/12/12

Quality of care in current healthcare reform 17/12/12

What has Lionel Messi,football player with FC Barcelona,to do with healthcare research 17/12/12

Behaviour change 10/12/2012

Bariatric surgery 10/12/2012

Health information on the internet 10/12/2012

Grapefruit-medication interactions increasing 03/12/2012

Pancreatic cancer diagnosis 03/12/2012

Response to last week's interview about the high costs of generic pharmaceuticals in Australia 03/12/2012

Chemotherapy before breast cancer surgery 26/11/2012

Costs of pharmaceuticals in New Zealand 26/11/2012

The high costs of pharmaceuticals in Australia 26/11/2012

Corticosteroids treatment for sore throat 19/11/2012

Epidural treatment for sciatica pain 19/11/2012

Health Funding 19/11/2012

Cholesterol Levels 12/11/12

Chronic pain treatment 12/11/12

Models of health care 12/11/12

New findings in schizophrenia 12/11/12

When is medical treatment futile 05/11/12

Alcohol Tax Reform 29/10/12

Body mass index and the risk of hospitalisation 29/10/12

Health care for chronic disease 29/10/12

Bacteria in the mouth 22/10/12

Cranberry Juice and cystitis 22/10/12

Health Checks 22/10/12

The Hygiene hypothesis and its implications for home hygiene, lifestyle and public health 22/10/12

Spinal surgery outcomes in people on workers' compensation 15/10/12

Neck injury diagnosis 15/10/12

Hip and knee replacements 15/10/12

Tobacco Control in New Zealand 08/10/12

Salt content in processed foods 08/10/12

Polypill-based care 08/10/12

Menopausal symptoms and black cohosh 08/10/12

Understanding the causes of Alzheimer's disease 01/10/12

Predictor of Alzheimer's disease 01/10/12

Health Expenditure Australia 2010-11 01/10/12

Unravelling intellectual disability and autism 24/09/12

Fragile X syndrome and autism 24/09/12

Cell death discovery suggests new ways to protect female fertility 24/09/12

Association between Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and risk of major cardiovascular disease events 17/09/12

Questions over benefits of medications for mild hypertension 17/09/12

Computer use part of the story in delaying dementia 17/09/12

Comparing skilled care with drugs for dementia patients at home 17/09/12

Paediatric training of GP registrars 10/09/12

Cancer surgery 10/09/12

Artificial pancreas 10/09/12

Cancer of Unknown Primary 03/09/12

Unexplained medical symptoms 27/08/12

The Good Doctor 27/08/12

How exercise can change your life 20/08/12

Mindfulness meditation 20/08/12

Breast imaging technology 13/08/12

Breast tenderness hormone therapy and the risk of breast cancer 13/08/12

Panzi Hospital in the Congo 13/08/12

Chronic pain may be all in your head 06/08/12

One to one midwifery care reduces C-sections and improves health care 06/08/12

Timor-Leste National Parasite Survey 06/08/12

Depression and self-harm amoung older patients 30/07/12

Diagnosing skin cancer 30/07/12

Gene expression data 30/07/12

Inaccurate Vitamin D testing 23/07/12

Vitamin D dosage for bone fracture prevention 23/07/12

19th International Aids Conference 23/07/12

Care Track Study the standard of health care in Australia 16/07/12

Retirement of the Executive Director of SANE Australia 16/07/12

Cancer of unknown primary 09/07/12

Are all calories equal 02/07/12

Quick sprints can cut abdominal fat in men 02/07/12

Trans fat in food in Australia 02/07/12

Yoga and women undergoing breast cancer treatment 25/06/12

Rewriting ovarian cancer rules 25/06/12

Ginseng and cancer fatigue 25/06/12

Aging not linked to drop in testpsterpme levels 25/06/12

Aerobic excercise and dementia 18/06/12

Choosing wisely 18/06/12

Addition and the brain 11/06/12

Suggested treatment for sexual difficulties and research into asexuality 11/06/12

Migraine research 04/06/12

Hendra virus 04/06/12

Food labelling 28/05/12

Calcium supplements and increased risk for heart attacks 28/05/12

Rehabilitation after stroke 21/05/12

Prediction of subsequent stroke death in older men 21/05/12

Asprin and cancer 21/05/12

Cancer and alzheimer's disease 14/05/12

Delaying dementia 14/05/12

The importance of iron intake in teenage years 14/05/12

Reproductive technologies and the risk of birth defects 07/05/12

Discovery of new cells which increase aging 07/05/12

Caloric restrictions and occasional fasting 07/05/12

Benefits of seniors' exercise programs 30/04/12

Adolescent health 30/04/12

Treatment of obese monkeys with experimental drug 23/04/12

Excessive liquorice consumption by pregnant women 23/04/12

Comparison of revascularisation strategies 23/04/12

The effectiveness of flaxseed to treat menopausal symptoms 16/04/12

Menopausal symtoms 16/04/12

Cancer of the ovary 16/04/12

Passive smoking 09/04/12

Melanoma vaccine 09/04/12

Causes of cancer 09/04/12

The Global Body-PartFour The future of the human race 02/04/12

The Global Body-PartThree Developed world city Los Angeles 26/03/12

The Global Body-PartTwo Developing world city Manilla 19/03/12

The Global Body-PartOne Rural developing world Sri Lanka 12/03/12

Statins 05/03/12

Standing 05/03/12

Prolonged siting 05/03/12

Patient opinion website 05/03/12

Transcranial magnetic stimulation 27/02/12

Suicidal thoughts and behaviour with antidepressant drugs 27/02/12

Predictions for development of mood disorder and schizophrenia 27/02/12

Pharmaceuticals in the environment 20/02/12

Exercise may prevent depression 13/02/12

Autism and the immune system 13/02/12

Vitamin B12 supplementation 13/02/12

Myths about sleep 06/02/12

Resting heart rate 06/02/12

Treatment of systolic high blood pressure hypertension) 06/02/12

The value of mammography breast cancer screening 30/01/12

Breast cancer and sexual wellbeing 30/01/12

Bladder cancer 30/01/12

Bird flu threat 23/01/12

Deep brain stimulation surgery 16/01/12

Screening for ovarian cancer 09/01/12

Ovarian cancer genome 09/01/12

Ovarian cancer education campaigns 09/01/12

IVF predictor and long term health issues a pregnancy can have on mothers and their children 02/01/12

IVF 'vanishing twin' linked with birth defects 02/01/12

Asprin use for IVF 02/01/12