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ABC health reports

Improving patients' care in hospitals 30/12/13

Katherine's diary, the story of a transsexual, revisited 23/12/13

Medical specialists and their choice of private or public hospitals 16/12/13

Hemianopia - a vision impairment 16/12/13

Avoidable deaths and life expectancies 16/12/13

Sense of smell in the detection of Alzheimer's Disease 09/12/13

A new treatment for epilepsy 09/12/13

Hypoxia in utero 09/12/13

Female sex hormones and brain function in early and late menopause 09/12/13

Surgical mortality in Western Australia 02/12/13

Performance by hospitals 02/12/13

Fremantle Hospital providing assistance for rural men needing help with prostate cancer diagnosis 02/12/13

Toilets for Health 25/11/13

Red-haired people have a higher risk of skin cancer 25/11/13

The mind and cancer 25/11/13

The Personal Genome Project 18/11/13

Latest news on breast cancer genes and important questions answered in terms of benefits or not having your personal genome decoded 18/11/13

Decline in long consultations by General Practitioners 18/11/13

Treating the injured brain and the spinal cord 11/11/13

The PREVIEW study to prevent diabetes 11/11/13

General anaesthesia and the risk of cognitive problems 11/11/13

Bacteria in our gut 11/11/13

Death or Disability 04/11/13

The cholesterol and statin debate 04/11/13

Preventing HIV infections by pre-exposure prophylaxis 28/10/13

Increase in new HIV cases in Australia 28/10/13

High rates of Chlamydia in young girls 28/10/13

A cure for HIV 28/10/13

Vitamin B12 supplementation and ageing 21/10/13

Increase in testosterone prescribing 21/10/13

Don't let the bedbugs bite 21/10/13

The lifestyle challenge 16/09/13

Sleep Apnoea 14/10/13

Insomnia 14/10/13

When is medical treatment futile 07/10/13

Shortages of GP services in rural and remote Australia 30/09/14

New pre-natal gene test 30/09/13

Health problems in newborns of obese mothers 30/09/13

Foetal growth restriction 30/09/13

Cancer treatment in the private sector 23/09/13

Defensive Medicine plus the safety of reflux medication 09/09/13

Addressing unprofessional behaviour by doctors 09/09/13

Inattention is a major fact in road accidents 02/09/13

Healthcare for older people after they've left hospital 02/09/13

Getting people with stroke symptoms to hospital as fast as possible 02/09/13

The use of social media in health care 26/08/13

Optimising health literacy to improve health and equity - the Ophelia approach 26/08/13

Chalky teeth are damaging children's dental health 26/08/13

CAMBRA - Caries management by risk assessment 26/08/13

Response to last week's interview about low carb diet and diabetes type I 19/08/13

Health care for people with acute coronary syndrome 19/08/13

Filming medical staff and patients to improve health care in hospitals 19/08/13

Low carbohydrate diet to manage type I diabetes 12/08/13

Calories in and calories out may not be related to obesity 12/08/13

Measuring obesity 05/08/13

Food addiction and the brain 05/08/13

Alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous 05/08/13

Reversal of established medical practice 29/07/13

Guidelines for treatment of back pain 29/07/13

Rationing for health services 29/07/13

Is there a strong link between depression and suicide 22/07/13

Sudden cardiac death 22/07/13

Pruritus itching and scratching 22/07/13

Protecting your brain and prevention and treatment of stroke 15/07/13

Negotiation skills and conflict resolution 08/07/13

Junior doctors' contributions to running a more efficient hospital system 08/07/13

Diabetes related amputation 01/07/13

Chronic kidney disease 24/06/13

Fetal immune programming 24/06/13

Fighting drug-resistant bacteria with silver 24/06/13

Obesity bias in medical students 24/06/13

From Dr Google,to Dr Facebook,and beyond...17/06/13

Gene patents 17/06/13

Chubby babies healthy 17/06/13

Breast cancer in Australia Breast cancer genetics 10/06/13

Breast cancer in Australia Screening mammography and overdiagnosis 03/06/13

Diagnostic errors in medicine 27/05/13

Diagnostic errors in medicine 27/05/13

Diagnostic errors in medicine 27/05/13

Improving patients' care in hospitals 20/05/13

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements and cognitive decline 13/05/13

A sense of sweetness 13/05/13

Risk factors for prostate cancer 06/05/13

Oesophageal cancer linked to human papillomavirus 06/05/13

Mathematical prediction model for lung cancer patients 06/05/13

Cognitive impairment in patients with atrial fibrillation 29/04/13

Coronary bypass surgery 29/04/13

New recommendations for mothers and babies bedsharing 29/04/13

Gun control in the United States 22/04/13

Counterfeit drugs 22/04/13

Major new review of medical research in Australia 15/04/13

Cognitive functional therapy for low back pain 08/04/13

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 08/04/13

New website for chronic musculoskeletal pain sufferers 08/04/13

Health care reforms in the UK 01/04/13

Prevention of non-communicable diseases 01/04/13

The effect of the Greek financial crisis on health 25/03/13

The effect of diet and watching TV on human fertility 25/03/13

Health care reform in the US 18/03/13

High pharmaceutical prices in Australia 18/03/13

Age-related macular degeneration - promising research 11/03/13

The bionic eye project 11/03/13

Bisphenol A (bpa) 04/03/13

John Snow and the cholera epidemic in London 04/03/13

Heart attacks, stroke and post-traumatic stres 25/02/13

Private health funding reductions in public hospitals 25/02/13

Serious health incidents and mental illness 25/02/13

Calculating your genetic risk 18/02/13

Population genetics 18/02/13

Babies and a sense of morality 11/02/13

Brain plasticity 11/02/13

Measuring brain plasticity 11/02/13

Red wine and the prevention of bowel cancer 04/02/13

Alcohol use from adolescence to adulthood 04/02/13

Mindfulness meditation 28/01/13

How exercise can change your lifeHow exercise can change your life 28/01/13

Unexplained medical symptoms 21/01/13

The Good Doctor 21/01/13

The Global Body Part Four The future of the human race 14/01/13

The Global Body, Part 3 Developed World City - Los Angeles 07/01/13