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The cocktail party problem 29/12/14

Beyond the pill 22/12/14

Prostate MRI - A game changer 15/12/14

How you get to work, your health and are liveable cities really liveable 15/12/14

Top 10 subsidised drugs in Australia 08/12/14

Clinical practice guidelines for PSA tests for prostate cancer 08/12/14

Cancer treatment in Australia 08/12/14

High levels of anxiety may increase the risk of stroke 01/12/14

Health care improvement for atrial fibrillation patients 01/12/14

The effectiveness of aspirin in the prevention of heart disease 01/12/14

Whooping cough vaccinations for pregnant women 24/11/14

Deep brain stimulation for Tourette syndrome 24/11/14

Acute stroke care 24/11/14

Lung cancer screening 17/11/14

Flavourings in electronic cigarettes may pose a risk 17/11/14

Antibiotic resistance 17/11/14

Evaluating the risk of ovarian cancer before surgery 10/11/14

Endometriosis 10/11/14

Colorectal cancer screening 10/11/14

Genetic causes of complex diseases 03/11/14

Diabetes and tuberculosis link 03/11/14

Medical use of cannabis 27/10/14

Inherited heart disease 27/10/14

Geographic distribution of autism 27/10/14

Young people affected by cancer 20/10/14

Smoking cessation after cancer 20/10/14

Familial pancreatic cancer 20/10/14

The Ebola virus - an overview 20/10/14

Spousal diabetes risk 13/10/14

The Healthy Kids Check 13/10/14

Food allergies 13/10/14

Management of personality disorders 06/10/14

In memory of Professor Tony McMichael 29/09/14

Health spending growth in Australia in 2012-2013 is the slowest since the 1980s 29/09/14

Health care variations according to a recent OECD report 29/09/14

A link between infant colic and migraine headache 29/09/14

Combating the obesity epidemic - part two of two 22/09/14

Combating the obesity epidemic - part one of two 15/09/14

Unexplained medical symptoms - a panel discussion 08/09/14

Stem cell medicine 01/09/14

Colorectal cancer mortality after polyp removal 01/09/14

Clin Trial Refer app connects patients and doctors with clinical trials 25/08/14

Circulating tumour cells 25/08/14

A call for clinical cancer trials to be more efficient 25/08/14

Salt intake research 18/08/14

HIV and lower risk of multiple sclerosis 18/08/14

Changes needed in blood pressure treatment 18/08/14

Autism rates steady for the past 20 years 18/08/14

Treatment with alteplase for acute ischaemic stroke 11/08/14

Palliative care communication 11/08/14

Breast cancer risk in families with mutations in PALB2 11/08/14

Pregnancy_spacing 04/08/14

International spread of wild polio virus 04/08/14

Genetic data for cancer research 04/08/14

Participation of patients in decision making about their health 28/07/14

Paracetamol ineffective for acute low back pain 28/07/14

Family medical history screening questionnaire 28/07/14

Cancer support programs 28/07/14

AIDS 2014 - Panel discussion from the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne 21/07/14

Stroke in Australia report 14/07/14

Female sexual health after weight-loss surgery 14/07/14

The effect of breastfeeding on infants 14/07/14

A new test may help breast cancer patients most at risk 14/07/14

Shared decision making between patients and doctors 07/07/14

Fibromyalgia 07/07/14

Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus 30/06/14

Marfan's syndrome 30/06/14

Dizziness 23/06/14

Screening for heart disease 16/06/14

Red meat and the risk of breast cancer 16/06/14

Anti-smoking education 16/06/14

Steroid injections given for premature babies are linked to mental health risks 09/06/14

Long-term unemployment may accelerate ageing in men 09/06/14

A link between ADHD and obesity 09/06/14

100th anniversary of the Medical Journal of Australia 09/06/14

Smoking during pregnancy and vitamin C supplementation 02/06/14

Healthcare variation in Australia 02/06/14

Can cancer be prevented 02/06/14

The use of physical therapy for hip osteoarthritis 26/05/14

Treatment of patients with chronic heart failure and other multiple chronic diseases 26/05/14

Disrupted sleep may accelerate cancer growth 19/05/14

Atypical spots are responsible for close to half of all melanoma deaths 19/05/14

The 'Wonky Health' project 12/05/14

Patients' decision-making about their health management 12/05/14

Heart attacks in young women 12/05/14

Gender differences in health care spending 12/05/14

New treatments for Hepatitis C 05/05/14

Cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis 05/05/14

Breast cancer and stress 05/05/14

Why cranberries can prevent urinary tract infections 28/04/14

Whiplash treatment study 28/04/14

Fixed-dose combination therapies 28/04/14

Wound care 21/04/14

New criteria for vascular cognitive disorders 21/04/14

The tick-tock of the biological clock 14/04/14

Unlocking the secrets of the brain 07/04/14

Pollution and autism spectrum disorder 07/04/14

Health anxiety, personality disorder 31/03/14

Treatment of infections in intensive care units 24/03/14

The link between acid suppressing medication and vitamin B12 deficiency 24/03/14

Bacterial infections and cancer 24/03/14

Surgeons' reactions to surgical complications 17/03/14

Regulation of unregistered health practitioners 17/03/14

Are physicians more emotional than surgeons 17/03/14

Hospital funding 10/03/14

High protein, low carbohydrate diet 10/03/14

Bacteria in the gut 10/03/14

Combating prostate cancer 03/03/14

Cancer of the appendix 03/03/14

Brachytherapy for prostate cancer 03/03/14

Economics of DNA 24/02/14

Decoding DNA 24/02/14

Hearing and the cocktail party problem 17/02/14

Beyond the pill 10/02/14

Privacy in health care 03/02/14

Genotyping 23 and Me 03/02/14

Vitamin E and Alzheimer 27/01/14

Mapping Alzheimer 27/01/14

An unexpected connection Gout and Parkinson's 27/01/14

Active Memory 27/01/14

Breast cancer in Australia Breast cancer genetics 20/01/14

Breast cancer in Australia Screening mammography and over-diagnosis 13/01/14

Diabetes related amputation 06/01/14