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Mary's Story. A story about an Irish girl in Sydney in the 1800s.(not yet available on line)


Postcards, emails, letters, recounts

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Our Class, Level 2 blog
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Grammar English4U

Oxford Practice Grammar Online

Several slides on different tenses by Rosarioa
A Day in My Life (present simple)
simple present tense
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Comparison by Camino Arredondo

Weidong's level 2 classes

The topics are Personal Information, Describing people, Shopping, Seeing the doctor, Recipes, Recount, Environment, Talking on the phone, Jobs
Here are more practice to help you learn English in your own time

Topic I: Personal Information

Getting to know each other

Dialogue of 2 students

Interview Ruza

Martin's family

Topic 2: Describing People


Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Topic 3: Shopping

Listening to Australia Beginners

2B Supermarket Announcements, 2C Asking for help at the supermarket, 2D Shopping for whitegoods, 2E Buying lunch at the sandwich shop, 2F Returning goods

Face to Face


5.9 In the Newsagent's

Dialogue-Comparing goods. This is made up by ourselves Access 2C, Sem1, 2012 !

Listening to australia Post-beginners

At the shops

Buying a washing machine

Ringing about a second-hand car

Shopping Conversations(A, B, C, D): taking things back to the shop

More Shopping dialogues

Dialogue: exchange a jacket

Dialogue: return a shirt

Topic 4: Seeing the doctor

Making appointment, talking to the doctor and At Chemist
Listening to Australia Post Beginners 4A 4B 4C

Beach Street


Easter is coming. We all know Easter BunnyEaster_bunny_image.jpgand Easter Eggs Easter_Eggs_images.jpg.
Here you can know more about Easter and what people do in different countries.
And some online listening at

Topic 4: Our Recipes

CSWE Instructions- recipes




Here are our favourite recipes from different countries. If you love them, try them and give us your feedback by email me

Ruza's Croatian food - Sataras
Michael's Chinese food - Lemon Prawns
YunYo's Cantonese food - vegetable spring rolls
Miza's Mazadonian food - pancake

Topic 5: Recounts

Ellen's story

Talking about 1980s

Our weekends and holidays

dialogue- calling a taxi

Dialogue- check in at airport

Dialogue- catching trains: asking about platform

Dialogue- Check in at the hotel

Topic 6: Environment

Vocabulary (words)

Interview with an Environmentalist

Topic 7: Talking on the Phone

Phoning for a repairman

Inquring about driving lessons

Phonling for road service

At the mechanic

Call from the mechanic

Phone messages

Tim talking to Katrina/Emily talking to Chris

Katrina's 2 phone calls

Talking to Travel Agent-Questions

Joe's phone call to Call-A-Flight

answering phone calls

Topic 8 Jobs

Questions of asking other's jobs/John's talking about the jobs of his families (CSWE I unit 1)

Allen's job interview

Calling about a job-Part 1 (listening to Australia Post-beg)

Calling about a job-Part 2 (listening to Australia Post-beg)

Working lives





Shop Assistant

True Stories In the News

Love on Ferris Wheel

The Coin

Dish soap for dinner

This is the place for me

Burired Alive