St George College ESOL

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The Queen, movie review by Sharon
Hot Chips & take Away food, response to news articles by Lei
Health Expo 2007, by Sophie
Our Bridge, by Vicky
Emile's podcast, response from Joanne to Emile's podcast and slide show

Student's Podcasts (Speaking)

Here we will place student created podcasts: interviews, short radio programs, etc
Listen to Helen's program: New Country New Meexternal image podcastogo.JPG
Listen to Anna's interview: Movies external image podcastogo.JPG
Listen to Marielle, a former ESOL student who came to visit a level 4 ESOL class to talk about her experience after ESOL.

Traditional Bangladeshi song by Shyamali
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Students' Digital Stories

Here you will be able to see digital stories created by students

Elmira'sfirst digital story

Students' Power Point Presentations

Have a look at these presentations created by FT students. It is their very first attempt at power point! They are learning it in order to use it for their Oral Presentations.

Students' wiki


Useful personal websites



Job SeekingWeb sites for job seekers with information and workshops on resume writing, interview skills, etc
Women's Skills A website for women TAFE students & teachers (and other women) who want to know and identify their skills.
Resumes & Cover Letters

Copyright Issues

Visit this website on copyright and plagiarism and take the test.