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ABC Prepare for elearning

Sydney Institute collection of tutorials, interviews and a lot more on everything related
to elearning: Prepare for elearning produced by Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI)


Assessment and Online Teaching flexible learning quick guides

Blogs and wikis (Guidelines for using)

St George Copyright wiki
Prepared by TAFE NSW - Northern Sydney Institute (NSI) Institute Business Support (IBS) division, the guyidelines are debated in this wiki:
web2debate Check section 5 for suggested policies.
Your Guide to Social e-learning Produced by Australia Flexible Networks,Technical Specs © Commonwealth of Australia 2007
TAFE Flexiblelearning guidelines on everything copyright:Copyright Kitchen
This is the Australian Copyright Council :
Blog Tutorial Videos

Blogs on ESL & education

Blogging Corner, edna group where blogging in education issues are discussed
Recordings done by the Centre for Learning Innovation (DET NSW) interviewing Rosa Ochoa about blogging in ESOL Connecting with blogs
Faces on Web 2.0
Blogging Mind over Matter seminar done online with Cover IT Live, then recorded and with links to slides and the script available in this blog.
Larry Ferlazzo (Check his best of ...for example The Best ESL/EFL Blogs)


Copyright Kitchen Assessment and Online teaching

Compfight which provides images that can be freely used with Creative Commons licensing with attribution
**flickrCC** helps you find creative commons pictures in flickr and attribute them easily

Digital Stories


SCAN skill,Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS): Final Report Available
elearning08 resources
engageme e-learning resources for educators
Open Educational Resources at Otago Polytechnic (YOuTube: watch at home!)
Rubrics for Assessment
Clarssroom 2.0 Live!

ESL teaching

British Council
EFLClassroom 2.0
eflclassroom 2.0's Public Lists
eflclassroom directory

Fora & Educational e-publications

Australian Flexible Learning Framework e-Newsletter
edna networks
Innovate & Integrate-Embedding Innovative Practices
Using Multimedia Tools for participation. Fantastic guidelines from UK government on online tools to engage young people.

Learning Technology Mentors Blog-Sydney Institute

LTM Blog where the SI LTMentors practice & learn about Web 2 & Learning TechnologiesPodcastingRecordings done by the Centre for Learning Innovation (DET NSW) Your Guide to Social e-learninginterviewing Rosa Ochoa about podcasting in ESOL, Sharing and Creating with podcast. There are several podcasts and you can access the script.
Podcasting Guide, Micahel Abulencia RMIT Melbourne
Video by Andrew Douch on The benefits of podcasting
Teaching suggestions, Delia Bradshaw's wiki.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning in Paula William's website
Sue Waters' edublogs site
Mobile Technology in TAFE, Sue Waters; Mobilie Specific websites, Sue Waters
mlearning edublogs
mobbloging explained by Marg B
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: nswlearnscope07 moblogging)

Seesmicvideo conversations. Check wht some people are doing with it here.


How can Moodle change a school, great youtube video by an ICT Western Australian teacher
Moodle basics1, adobe connect recording of presentation by Paulis Cheung
Sydney Institute elearning Moodle
ESOL Learner Support Centre Moodle

PD (online)

Australian Flexible Learning Framework e-tools & tips
Suporting Professional Development in a Digital World, in Kerrie Smith's educational blog You are Never Alone.

Podcasts & Vodcasts

Resource Kit
The library has a resource kit that teachers can borrow in order to prepare and use the technology in class or online. Check this info through the portal about it, there is also a video where Stephan Ridgway demonstrates the kit.

Second Life

Second life in education
cli08 Immersive environment is a wiki by the Centre for Learning Innovation that explores SL in eduction. It provides fantastic examples and tutorials to get you started.
Dogme 2.0 class activities using SL
a wiki created by the Centre for Learning Innovation for a future project in using SL for teaching and learning.
Figen Gul's, Architecture Newcastle University, Tutorial on Second Life
Alan Levine's wiki
Virtual Worlds & Language Learning,

SL SI libraries project

SmartBoard & Connected Classrooms

Connected Classrooms-Mylearnign SI & Smartboard resources SI
ETA Bulleetin Board Connected classrooms smartboard group
Paula Willimas wiki page on Smart boards
prometean planetlessons and acitvites, example All about Actions
smart Australian & New Zealand lesson activities
smart exchange
smart notebook lessons and activities
whiteboard activities
youtube demo

Tutorials on Web 2.0

Most of these tutorials have been created by us.
how to insert pictures in a word document accessible through the TAFE portal
how to insert SmartArt into Word accessible through the TAFE portal
How to convert mwv to mp4accessible through the TAFE portal
Robyn Jay has compiled great How-to-guides on thensw innovation wiki
Editing Audio from CamTasia using Audacity


Twenty-two interesting ways to use twitter in the classroom
Twitter what's in it for me?
Teaching Twitter could become a class act

What are Webheads?

Listen to this Australian podcast (Sue Waters, Michael Coghlan et al) and you will find out about this great group of teacher-bloggers from all around the worl.
This is a site with recorded archives from Webhead sessions. Anything you want to know about Web.2, podcasting with students, Second Life, ESL online quizzes, blogs, going global, etc.


Web2.0 tools

Webquests & Treasure Hunts

Tourism in Portugal an example of a webquest for EFL students who have to create a travel guide
ESL website exploration
TAFE English courses created by Wing Sze Cecilia Leung for AMEP level three learners
People who have changed the world (Treasure Hunt reated by Cristina Costa)
Portuguese Navigators (Treasure Hunt reated by Cristina Costa)
Work scrabble, Sally McCarthy's web based game for pre-intermediate & intermediate ESL students looking for work
Private Health Insurance Webquest, also created by Sally for students to look at different private health insurance companies and the services they provide

The World Wide Web of English

Wikis in Plain English

You won't be able to see this at TAFE (Youtube is blocked...), but have a look at home. It's worth it!

Wikis & Blogs in Education

esl/efl wikis

  • Educators ESL wikis a page from pbwiki creator for and by ESL teachers
  • Charles Nelson's (Kean University) Power point presentation on Blogging, Integrating Blogging into Pedagogy (Click on Blogging)
  • mini's blogs, fantastic class blog with links (click on the chidren's photos) to blogs written by Year 3 students - 8 and 9 year olds from South Australia.
  • Claudia Ceraso's EFL wiki is a repository of written samples and at the same time a place to house her students' portfolios: Corpus
  • SJSC_ESL wiki
  • A vocabulary wiki with podcasts on different themes: caewords
  • International writing exchange, where students from different countries created pages describing their own country.
  • Kristines' wiki as training for teachers to learn about wikis (very good example and excellent tips)
  • Global Education: OzProjects: Languages provides online resources for a number of languages taught in Australian schools and has interesting projects which facilitate student understanding of the role of languages in global citizenship.

other class wikis

wikis in education

Technology Coordinators

YouTube in blip tv

So what's the difference?

Harriet Wakelam's, WA TAFE teacher, response: Blocking YouTube a short fairy tale about access